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2020 - 2021  YEAR ONE

We believe it is possible to pursue entrepreneurship without exploitation of the planet and our people.


We believe it is possible to pursue entrepreneurship without exploitation of the planet and our people. In fact, we launched ESO Ventures because we believe anyone can become an entrepreneur; live with purpose, create value, and generate wealth.

Unlike many organizations supporting underrepresented founders, we are a for profit entity. For us, investing in underrepresented founders is not charity, but rather, a lucrative and moral opportunity for all involved. We believe that in order to develop a world class ecosystem that allows anyone to pursue entrepreneurship we need to focus on the underinvested communities often ignored by the marketplace. We believe our entrepreneurs can easily compete in the marketplace when provided with appropriate support and startup capital. We believe in the resiliency of our entrepreneurs to build viable businesses and become economic generators for their communities. We believe the disinvestment in Black and Brown communities requires a bold approach that combines public and private investments to address historical inequities. And our current program results prove that we can win!

Year one (1) of ESO Ventures was a demonstration project. With minimal funding, a core founding team, and a commitment changing the narrative for our entrepreneurs, we were able to see the difference that confidence, competence and access to capital make. What follows are the results of our first year in operation. Our data is based on the survey results of 31 out of 38 participants 6 months or less from completing a 10-week business incubator.

The first iteration of ESO Ventures validated our community building approach to entrepreneurship programming. Our next phase automates tools and systems, tests new ways to access capital, and equips entrepreneurs with on demand resources. We hope you will join us on this journey!

Alfredo Mathew III, Ben Wanzo, and Martha Hernandez
Co-Founders and Partners, ESO Ventures 

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