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Our curriculum

We fuel your future by uplifting our values of dignity, innovation, and shared prosperity to achieve ESO’s mission of creating wealth and community well-being through entrepreneurship.


Our modules are centered on the must-have competencies for sole proprietors interested in formalizing and growing their businesses.

These phases are supported with individual sessions with experienced professionals, strategic advisors and coaches who have decades of experience in the entrepreneurial 

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We like making things accessible, that’s why our program is 100% virtual so you can learn from where you are with our learning platform.

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“I'm really grateful I got to participate in The ESO program. You guys have given me the tools and mostly the guidance I so much need to make my  business grow."

ESO Entrepreneur - Cohort 5

Created for Black & Brown entrepreneurs

ESO Ventures is committed to create a safe space for Black & Brown business owners where current issues are dealt with when discussing business creation. We are aware of how racial violence and racist policies have limited economic growth for Black & Brown communities.

We envision entrepreneurship as a path towards liberation. It allows us to challenge narratives about our  worth, abilities and power.

Through entrepreneurship, we can dismantle racist, oppressive systems that have kept communities of color from thriving.

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Meet the team

Our founders, program team and business coaches are experienced entrepreneurs and professionals with expertise in developing Black and Brown business owners. Their extensive knowledge in business development, raising capital, HR, business culture and growth strategy, establishes a high standard for entrepreneurs who complete the program. Most importantly, we know how to work collaboratively with entrepreneurs and community partners to drive real business results. 


Benjamin Wanzo



Martha Hernández



Alfredo Mathew III



Kysha Mitchell

Business Coach Lead


Sabrina Mutukisna

Director of Programs


Zakiya Mackey

Program Manager

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“So many Black and Brown folks start with  entrepreneurship even before knowing what that means for them, because there’s something moving them to connect, to grow community and to  surround themselves with people who will inspire them."


Nakia Dillard - Coach ESO Cohort 5

Entrepreneurial resources

It doesn’t end after our 10-week program! Building a business means you never stop learning 
and challenging yourself to keep growing.  During this journey ESO supports you with 
opportunities and resources to help you achieve and sustain success.

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