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We build where we are

We empower Black and Brown entrepreneurs with fundamental tools to add value and grow strategically. This is what it means to be a part of ESO's evolving and equitable ecosystem.

Explore our network and get to know more about the way we collaborate for shared prosperity.

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ESO Entrepreneurs are constantly creating opportunities through grand ideas for small teams.

Check out the businesses that are bringing the buzz to East Oakland.


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We know that entrepreneurship is the most powerful way for Black and Brown people to take their first step toward economic freedom and mobility.

As local builders, we address this vision through our work in education because information is power. We guide and coach people who have the initiative to cultivate their potential by offering them the opportunity to be leaders equipped with the necessary tools to thrive.

Learn more about the ESO Business Incubator Program and see if our solution is right for your community.

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"ESO has created a strategic plan for local entrepreneurs to focus their vision into profitable businesses to become future owners and employers."

Benjamin Wanzo

ESO Partner


Entrepreneurial resources

Through strategic advising, we provide mentorship, guidance, and develop expertise.

If you are interested in sharing your gifts and talents, ESO is here to help you meet your personal purpose.

Entrepreneurial Resources
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