Our Entrepreneurs

Patricia Ellis

Owner, Weekend Mobile Notary

Creator of an app for Public Notaries to have a platform to provide door to door mobile notary services.

Jerry Bailey

CEO, Ayaba Wines

Ayaba Wines is a collection of elite wines focused on celebrating and uplifting Black Women.

Sharee Adriazola & Erik Moreno

Owners, Studio 405

Providing a platform to create unique content and experiences that will reach the Global Audience.

Is Entrepreneurship the way?

Is entrepreneurship the way for me, a black and brown person from an economically disadvantaged neighborhood that most people would rather escape from than build up?

Is entrepreneurship the way for me whose community lacks trust and resources to invest in my bootstrapping of a business?

Is entrepreneurship the way when there is a lack of mentors and people who have made the successful entrepreneurial journey that can motivate and mentor me?

Is entrepreneurship the way when struggle and failure is the path to success but my whole life has been struggle and failure and stability seems like a far better option?

Is entrepreneurship the way when the only other entrepreneurs I see are in low margin, low growth industries and the promise of entrepreneurship does not look better than a day-off and free-time afforded by even a part-time job?

Is entrepreneurship the way when I cannot grow outside of my community and sociocultural barriers only allow people outside of my community to support me as a form of charity?

Is entrepreneurship the way when my race qualifies me for discriminatory lending practices and over 50% of my revenue goes to service debt? I ask again, “Is entrepreneurship the way?”

ESO says an emphatic, “Yes!”


Because of what Entrepreneurship does for the person:

  • Drive: Purpose-driven self-esteem and empowerment

  • Autonomy: Market-driven unbridled creativity and ingenuity

  • Fulfillment: Action beyond hope


Because of what Entrepreneurship does for the profit:

  • Wealth Gap: Owners close the wealth gap

  • Reinvestment: Owners reinvest in the community

  • Social capital: Owners extend the reach for new opportunities


Because of what Entrepreneurship does for the place:

  • Paradigm shift: Owners become engaged leaders and mentors 

  • Opportunities: Owners hire folks who look like them

  • Self-love: Owners instill pride, respect and vision in a community 


East Side Oakland Ventures is committed to creating opportunities for local entrepreneurs to build where they are, grow their own businesses, and become an economic generator for East Oakland.  Entrepreneurs with no economic or social capital should not be deterred by or face the real challenges and daunting task of ideating, starting, sustaining and scaling a company alone.  ESO is here to ensure they do not. 

Get Your Business Funded

Calling all East Oakland Entrepreneurs:

We want to invest in YOU.

By helping you build a successful business, you can be a part of redeveloping MacArthur Boulevard, and giving your neighbors a place to shop locally.

Cohort Participants Get:

$500 Stipend

A laptop & one year of internet access

1:1 and group mentorship

Learn business fundamentals

Access to seed money for your business

***We will not use your ideas, disclose, or sell them to any third party source.***