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We believe in
local businesses

We recognize the barriers Black and Brown folks often face when it comes to network, capital, and growth. Our open and transparent approach to investment promotes an entrepreneurial mindset.

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Building competence with ESO Curriculum

We know that entrepreneurship is the most powerful way for Black and Brown people to take their first step toward economic freedom and mobility.

Our curriculum aims to fill the gaps in entrepreneurs' business acumen empowering them to go from idea to revenue. As a result of our model, ESO entrepreneurs have experienced improved product-market fit, refined strategy, and marketing results.

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"There are so many different aspects to running and building a successful business. ESO Ventures was able to shed some light on so many things we overlooked. We are now 100% confident that we are destined for success. It is no longer a matter of if, it is a matter of when. "

Neftali Rosado, SafeTight Security

ESO Entrepreneur


Sign up to our program to start building today.


Attainable local capital.

We are serious about investing in our local community. This means not only launching small and medium businesses, but making them sucessful.


Capital is more than access to a loan. It is also a series of resources and tools that will allow you to get from where you are to where you want to be.

What's next

Once you sign up, we’ll invite you to join the next ESO cohort.


A 10-week business incubator will be the next step to become part of our network.

This includes subsidized resources, and technical assistance so by the end of the program, you will gain access to capital to launch and catalyze your business.

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“My biggest accomplishment in
ESO was that I really got a
strategy that I can execute.”

Jerry Bailey, Ayaba Wines

ESO Entreprenur


ESO Ventures resources are directed to Black and Brown people eager to get more opportunities for them and
their communities.

These businesses are investment-worthy, filled with talent and value, collaborating to close the gender and racial wealth gap, one small business at a time.

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