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Join us in creating shared economic prosperity

We are committed to creating economic prosperity in Black and Brown communities by making entrepreneurship accessible and worthwhile. This means ensuring every  viable business concept or sole proprietor that starts a business has the opportunity to become profitable, grow, and become
an employer enterprise. 

As both political parties search for a “supply side economic”solution to ensure US  economic competitiveness in a rapidly  shifting global economy, business ownership rather than job training is the winning and sustainable approach to build from the bottom up and the middle out.

Now you can be a part of our ecosystem by serving our +100 entrepreneurs in various areas.

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Being an ESO Industry Expert is best suited for:

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Local businesses’ supporters: with specific areas of expertise and/or services offered + local availability and capacity.

Passionate about entrepreneurs: with a business’ mission statement and core values.

Resourceful and experienced proffesionals: who can provide a brief demonstration of potential partner’s experience.

Start building with diverse industries

Our entrepreneurial ecosystem features a large range of industries and sectors. ESO’s growing businesses are owned by Black and Brown people, eager to collaborate and invest in their  potential.

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Health & Wellness


Animals & Pets

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Apply today

You can become a positive change agent in your community, join ESO Ventures.

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